DIV Based Designs

DIV based design constitutes division tags that are block-level elements which appear as rectangular block of specific height and width on a web page. These are used to divide the content of the web page and then divided blocks can be applied with independent formatting.

DIV based design are tableless. Tableless coding is a webpage layout controlling method that is operated without the HTML tables. In the epoch of Web 2.0, where search engines choose W3C compatible websites and users prefer fast loading websites; the significance of tableless div based web pages have grown significantly.

That's the reason why websites even having good designs and traditional coding fail to gain the attention of search engines and users.

Why do you need DIV based CSS Layouts?

Use of DIV based CSS layouts converts the complicated, hectic and unnecessary content into manageable, simple-to-use XHTML and CSS languages.

Our effort is to keep your website updated with newer techniques in order to keep it up with the current standards. Most of the Web page designers use a table-based layout to achieve a rational and consistent look but the use of CSS and DIV tags reduces markup code,

It enhances the speed of page downloads, separates content to make it more manageable, and brings your code closer to Web standards. It makes your website more tempting to search engine spiders.

Faster Downloadable

Use of CSS coding instead of HTML makes the webpage lighter in weight which makes them pretty faster to load and easy to surf. This is due to lesser use of large file sizes and nested structures.

Easily Accessible

Easy access to web browser is an essential feature of website design. Use of CSS layouts make websites easily accessible to all kinds of web browsers.

Search Engine Friendlier

If your website achieves top position in the search engine ranking, it means it is successful. The div based pages have better chances for search engine optimization. Use of meta tags is possible with this technique that makes it easy to deal with optimization as Google uses complex algorithms.

Technically Simple and Stronger

The new techniques make your website updation/construction easier and less time consuming. DIV is one such technique. All the specific techniques needed for the success of your project are known to us and we assure you the required up gradations.

Content Separation

Unlike HTML tables, the content in div based layouts is completely separated. DIV is used to divide the content of the web page and then divided blocks can be applied with independent formatting.